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  Wedding Ceilidh  



When  it  comes  to  planning your  wedding  reception Cut The Mustard can  provide  the  perfect  package.

Wedding Ceilidh

A  Ceilidh or barn dance is  the  ideal form  of  entertainment for  a  wedding, bringing  everyone together young or old and those in  possession  of  two  left  feet! 

Cut The Mustard can provide the perfect size band of talented musicians to suit any occasion.  Whether  it  be  a 3 piece  combination  of  Accordion, Fiddle  and  Guitar to a 6  piece  band, we promise  a dynamic, well  balanced sound for a  superb  night of  fun.   Wedding Barn Dance



We  have  over  30 years  experience  playing  at  weddings  and know  exactly how to  make your  special  day  run  smoothly. 

Choosing  your  first  dance  can  be  a  tricky  task and  you  can either  have  a  song  which  is special to  you, played through our PA system, or  dance  to the band with  a traditional waltz. This  is  a great  opportunity  for  your  guests to  take  photographs before  being  invited up to  join the  bride  and  groom for  the Ceilidh dancing.


Wedding Party Band



All of the dances can be guided by our highly experienced ‘Caller’, so that all your guests can join in the fun.  We can include all the favourite dances,  the Gay Gordons,  Strip The Willow,  The Military Two  Step,  and  The Dashing White Sergeant, as  well  as some  less  well  known but  equally fun  dances.   Between  dances  we  can  play  traditional tunes, be  they  Scottish  Irish  or  English along  with  Jazz  tunes  and  even  some  60s songs.  The  Ceilidh dancing  usually  finishes  with  the  Orcadion  Strip  the  Willow to  bring  everyone  back  on  the  floor with the  bride  and  groom.  




During a break in the entertainment we are happy to play any music of your choice through our PA system.


Roger  is available to guide  you through  the  process of  planning the  entertainment to  make  sure that  you  have an enjoyable evening  that you and your guests will always remember.