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St  George’s  Day – 23rd April

St  George,  Patron  Saint  of  England and all  round
Good  Bloke!

Over the past few years St George’s Day has become a popular celebration.

Why  not  hire  a  village  hall, deck  it  out  in  red,  white  and  blue and  have  a  traditional  English  Country  Dance.

We can promise you a fun evening dancing  to traditional  English  Country  Dance  tunes ( yes there  are  loads  of  them some written by Thomas Hardy et al)


St Georges Day


Cut The Mustard  can  incorporate  a  mini  Last  Night  of  the  Proms playing  all  the  old favourites,  The  Sailors  Hornpipe, Land  of  Hope  and  Glory. Jerusalem and the ever popular Rule  Brittania!

You  may  want  to  make  it  a  fancy  dress  affair  with  a  prize  for  the  best  dressed  St  George and  Dragon.

We  may  also  be  able  to  arrange for a  traditional  Morris side  to complete the occasion,  (subject  to availability).

So  why  not  be  patriotic and  celebrate St  George’s night  with  Cut The Mustard, when a  rousing  night  is  guaranteed.

     Cry, “God for Harry, England and St George. “

St George flag


National Shakespeare Day is also held on April 23 and may even become a Bank Holiday.

But whether thats to be or not to be, why not celebrate Englands own great bard!