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Put  simply,  the  caller  is  a  cross  between a  dance  instructor  and  Master  of  Ceremonies, and is  very  often  aware of  more than  just  the  obvious.  In  effect he  is  making  judgements that  will  affect  the  balance and  tone  for the  whole  event,  acting  as  the  channel  between  the  band and  the  audience.



You  will  find  that he  has  a  few  tricks up  his  sleeve to “ persuade “  the  more  reluctant participants up on  to  the  floor, in  full  knowledge that  some  dancers will  get  things “ wrong“.    A certain  amount of  tactical and  diplomatic nous  is  expected of  our callers and even the injection of  the  odd  bit  of  humour.

Cut  the  Mustard have  worked  with  Chris,  Paul  and  Colin  for  many  years because  they  are  simply  THE BEST.

Ceilidh Dancing


Paul WeirPaul Weir

I have been calling for festivals, parties and Ceilidhs for more than 30 years with a wide variety of top name bands.
I believe the purpose of the dance is to have fun, rather than ‘get it right’. It’s a great way of bringing people together of all ages. I aim to make sure people have a good laugh and you’d be surprised what people can achieve with a bit of clear instruction. Most people are better dancers than they realise.

I enjoy bantering with the audience and making sure you have a night to remember.



Colin HiggsColin Higgs

I originally started as a caller because of my total inability to master any instrument I picked up; my rendition on melodeon, Concertina and guitar were unbelievable!

Inspired by bands such as Flowers and Frolics, The New Victory Band and Umps and Dumps, I took up an opportunity to call for a Stafford based band when their regular caller was out of the country and soon became their regular Caller.

Over the years I have called with a number of bands including, including Hodges Dump and now Cut the Mustard.

My other other musical influences are The Stones, Alison Kraus. Beethoven and Mozart.



Chris MulveyChris Mulvey

In  the 1970’s I  started  going  to  Folk  Clubs and  was introduced  to  the  Putley  Ceilidh’s and  enjoyed  them enormously,  La  Russe-ing meself silly  and  dreaming of  Devils  Dream (dancers  will  know  what  I  mean)! 

It was in 1979 that I became serious about calling.  A  new  band  was  forming  in  Bromyard  called  City  Ditch, they  had  a  booking  and  needed  a  caller to  do  it  for  next  to  nothing.  Knowing  that  I  like  to talk a  lot  they  said “ Mulv,  all  you’ve got  to  do is  to  learn  a  few  dances” .  That  first  booking  at  Whitbourne  Hall  went surprisingly  well and  after  that  my  knowledge  of  dances grew  steadily  as  did  my  confidence. I  started calling  with a  few  different  bands  but  principally with  Hodges Dump  whose  members  included  Roger Champkin  and  John  Williams .  Since  that  first  night I  have  called  with  many  fine  bands  all  over  the  country but the  buzz  and  thrill of  seeing  people  enjoying  themselves  never  goes  away.